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Let us make every experience a 10-Star Experience. What will it take to make each experience in our day a 10-Star Experience? Let us set parameters and define what it will take to make an experi­ence even more fun.

Let us grab our journals and write down five to 10 ideas to raise the bar of fun and consciously bring more joy into our daily routines.

I love grocery shopping even more when:

  • I bring my shopping list
  • I bring a friend
  • I bring my reusable bags
  • I bring my reusable bags
  • I bring a jacket (when it is cold inside)
  • I wear comfortable shoes
  • I bring lots of money
  • I smile and greet everyone
  • I find a recipe that I am excited to try featuring the vegetable of the season
  • I buy something new (for example, a fruit or a vegetable I am curious about and I find a recipe to use it in)
  • I leave my cart at the end of an aisle and walk up and down to collect my items while receiving exercise

I love exercise even more when:

  • I choose an activity that is fun for me, like yoga
  • I have clothes that feel comfortable and are right for the occasion and the weather
  • I bring water with me
  • I bring a friend
  • I schedule exercise appointments with myself on my calendar
  • I treat myself to the exercise session
  • I try out something new, a new pose in yoga or a fun sport
  • I treat myself to a massage after two weeks of exercis­ing three times per week

What experience do you wish to enhance right now?

  • I love washing laundry even more when . . .
  • I love vacuuming even more when . . .
  • I love budgeting my finances even . . .
    more when . . .
  • I love visiting my relatives even more when . . .
  • I love making dinner even more when . . .
  • I love experiencing my work even more when . . .

If there is any experience in our life that we feel less than excited about, let us journal about it and come up with ways to help the joy flow!

This exercise is also found in Receive Joy’s book Ask And You Shall Receive. To make journaling easier and more fun, Re­ceive Joy created a Daily Asking Journal.