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Visualization is the forming of visual images in our minds. Our brain thinks in pictures. Let us bring our desired images to our awareness throughout the day. When we enter a new situation, let us envision the desired outcome. What do we wish ourselves to say or do in order to serve our goals?

Daydreaming is another way of visualizing. Let us make time for daily medi­tation where we consciously create our perfect life in our mind. Let us paint a detailed picture in vivid color. When we see our “self” in our desired life, our mind believes that it is already here and looks for clues in reality to match our goals. Like attracts like!

The outer world and the inner world, or the so-called reality and a vividly-imagined visualization, are both perceived as the same by the brain. When the brain is stimulated either way, the same areas of the brain are active with the same intensity. This is proven in studies using or func­tional magnetic resonance imaging. What the mind believes to be true becomes our reality.

Everything starts from an idea. Visualizing our desires also in­creases our focus. Visualization has become an important train­ing tool for athletes. There are numerous studies showing that the performance level significantly increases when the physical training is combined with visualization.

To further help our subconscious mind focus on our desires, let us create a vision board. l enjoy the habit of creating one for every new segment of my life. We can choose each New Year or a special event in the year to create one.

Now is the perfect time. Let us keep expanding our board as we go through our daily lives, collecting pictures and affirmations that serve us. Let us start collecting positive words, pictures, beautiful color patterns, and affirmations from magazines and from all around us. If a vision board is too big for your liking, tape the pictures in your Vision Journal.

Sticky notes are also a great way to visualize. Write a different desire on each sticky note, then place them in a location we view every day to remind us of our desires. The most brilliant location we found was the back of our bedroom door. This way it is easy to remove the goals already accomplished, add the new ones, and sort them by priority.

Around the dinner table of a Miracle Group meeting, we each received a pack of sticky notes to play a game of “Ask And You Shall Receive.” The rule of this game was that we had 10 minutes to fill all the pages of the pack with our desires. Before dinner was served, we wrote one desire per page. During dinner, we all shared what we wrote down. On my first note, I wrote “beach houses,” and on my second note, I wrote “sunrises,” because I
love mornings.

Two weeks later, an acquaintance mentioned to my husband and I that she knew of a beach house for sale in North Carolina and felt that it was perfect for us. Weeks before, my husband and I were discussing our retirement plans and we were thinking that having a beach house might be fun and suited us. Neither of us knew where Emerald Isle, NC, was. So we searched the location on the internet, looked at each other, and said within five min­utes, “Let’s buy it!”

Now, we have our lovely beach house where we spend our summers watching the sunrise every morning!