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Pray often. Let us pray as we wake up, over our meals, before we go to bed, and often throughout the day. Prayers are our inten­tions offered to God. Since we are focusing on the positive, we pray with a rejoicing heart and thanksgiving.

Pray into the solution. Ask for the solution as if it is already granted. Use positive words and be in a positive mindset. The vibration of prayer is strong.

“If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” –Matthew 21:22 (NIV)

When searching the Internet, there are numerous stories of “healing through prayer.” Just to give one example, in a hospital in China the staff uses prayer on inoperable cancer patients. Doc­tors from the hospital gather in the patient’s room and pray. At the same time, the lobby is full of people praying for the patient. While they were praying, they used ultrasound to show the mass shrinking in real time.

We have all heard many stories in which prayer has miraculously healed, helped, and comforted. So many people received peace, abundance, and happiness through it. Prayer allows the physical manifestation of the Power of God.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” –Philippians 4:6 (NIV)

To pray and cheer for ourselves each day, let us use these positive words of a simple yet powerful prayer and see our lives trans­form. This is based on the prayer found in the Holy Bible when Jabez called on God in I Chronicles 4:10.

“Dear God, bless me, increase my territory, wrap your arms around me, and keep me in your righteous arena.”

The following prayer is our Receive Joy prayer. We frequently hand it out to encourage and empower people we meet through­out the day. We also use this prayer to remind ourselves in grati­tude and thanksgiving of everything God provided for us and that is yet to come. Let us pray together!

Dear Father God,

You are the light of my life. Thank You for this perfect day. Thank You for this perfect moment. Thank You for creating me in Your image. I accept that I am Your child and that I hold Your creation power. Thank You for Your wisdom. Thank You for allowing me plenty of time to accomplish everything. Most of all, I am thankful that You are always with me and are my greatest support.

My life is balanced and flows light and easy. I recognize the good that is abundant everywhere. I am calm. I have a peaceful heart. I am Love. I love myself so that I can have love for others. I find it easy to love myself and others. Love flows through me and touches everyone in my life.

My love is so great that it surrounds all and everything. I constantly create great thoughts of love and joy. I am Joy. I am a true blessing, Keep me cheerful so that I may serve You. I am grateful that I know the truth. I am grateful that I have a definite life’s purpose. I am grateful that I use beautiful words that create. I am grateful for my perfect health. I am beautiful. I am grateful that I am successful and that wealth and abundance come from everywhere. Money flows fre­quently, and abundantly rejoice in You Jesus.

With love, gratitude, and happiness, Your loving child.