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Let us ask ourselves: Is our cup half full or is it running over? How do we fill it up?

The only way the cup can fill up is with a continual pouring in of joy, happiness, gratitude, appreciation, awareness, consciousness, praise, calmness, peace, and love for our­selves and others.

Meditation is quiet time we each spend with our inner self. Let us con­sciously choose to make time to just be. Connect your mind and your body by freeing the mind and giving the body an opportunity to relax. Let us give our body permission to relax.

Closing the eyes and quieting the body changes the frequencies of the brain and lowers blood pressure. A meditative state helps to increase calmness, harnesses peaceful energy, and allows continual happiness.

Fifteen minutes a day is all it takes. Find a quiet area in the house where it is possible to just be, a place that is associated with happiness. We may desire to diffuse essential oils or spray a fragrance that makes us feel good. Sitting or lying in a peaceful, comfort­able place with our eyes closed, allows us to focus on our breathing, which relaxes the body. Listening to soothing music may help. Being outside in nature is also meditative: sitting by the water, taking a walk, or resting peacefully under a tree.

Ideally, meditation trains us to be in a calm state regularly and remain centered. The perfect time to meditate is when we first wake up. This sets the focused pattern for the whole day.

We can meditate in different ways. Sit in quiet con­templation, and let incoming thoughts pass. Empty the mind. It may help to concentrate on a single background noise: the hum of the air conditioner or birds chirping. The moment we focus inward, the world around us quiets down. We are able to hear our inner voice and be inspired by the voice of God. Let each of us contemplate what we are here on earth to experience. This aligns our head with our heart and creates inner balance essential for maintaining good health.

Meditation time can be spent with conscious breathing. Giving ourselves the opportunity to just breathe and be aware of each breath. We can choose to breath slow and deep. Let us be grateful for the greatest gift God has given us: our breath of life!

We might enter our meditation with a specific ques­tion to focus on. After we are calm and relaxed, be conscious and honor the first thought that appears. The first thought our subconscious sends us is our inspired thought.

Meditation is also a great time to visualize the life of our dreams. We can form visual images in our mind and focus on what we wish to create for ourselves. For example, visualize a new car: what does it look like? Imagine how it feels to sit in it and drive it. What does it smell like? What color is it? Visualize all the details, and focus on having the desired outcome. What we focus on, we receive more of.

Let us consciously choose to make time to remember our greatness. Let us clear our minds and open our awareness for our cup of life to refill continuously. A guided meditation may be helpful to quiet thoughts that tend to loop in our head. To help fill you up, we created a 24-minutes Receive Joy Meditation in all positive words.

Let us cheer ourselves on! Reset to the divine perfection we already are! Be inspired! Let us help our inner be­ing to see the truth and trust in God’s almighty power to see clear opportu­nities and create only good things in our life. Inhale deeply–exhale fully!