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When we place a cake mix in the oven, after we have combined together all the ingredients listed on the back, if the oven is still off, or if we turn it on after our mix has been in the oven for 30 minutes, the outcome is different than if we had precisely fol­lowed the baking instructions.

The instructions generally recom­mend to turn the oven on first. It says “Step 1: Preheat oven”. To heat, the oven has to be plugged in and turned on for the cake mix to bake correctly into a cake. It is paramount to do “Step 1” first.

First, connect: Plug in and turn on.

Connect To The Light is Step One of Receive Joy’s Ask And You Shall Receive Nine Step Method to Consciously Create. This book contains many additional insights about why it is important to connect first, ways to connect, and ways to star connected to the Light of God.

Receive Joy has written Connect To The Light to guide and encourage a permanent and more personal connection with God and to help everyone take responsibility to live their life by conscious design. This is the point where we have to make a conscious decision: Are we of this world or of God’s world? Are we aligning our will to God’s will, surrendering completely, and living by intricate design?

Let us understand that God is the Power of the Universe and we gain life in and through Him. “Luck” and “Co-incidence” are fabrications of this world. Abso­lute power and divine order are the very fabric of God’s super­natural plan. This book will help us to connect to this ultimate, mighty power source. God is the light.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” – Matthew 6:33 (KJV)

God promises us that, af­ter we are plugged in, we receive two gifts. First, we will receive His righ­teousness. This means we receive His truth and the truth shall set us free. His truth is perfection; perfection of health, wealth, relationships, and wisdom. It sets us free to live peace­fully, lovingly, kindly, and joyfully as well as boldly and courageously. The second gift we receive is “all these things shall be added” to us. What are these things? What things?

In the Holy Bible, God has left space in creation for each of us to write our own story, our own list of “things.” Are we clear on our goals and de­sires for our life? What is our standard? Is aligning with the Lord our standard, or is pleasing others our priority? What type of approval is most important to us?

Let us ask ourselves if our thoughts, words, and deeds are pleasing to God. God’s understanding of all things is so much greater than our own. Ultimately, God’s approval is all that counts. Connect with Jesus! Call on His glorious name. There is power in His name. Jesus is the light of the world.

Let us ask ourselves to open our heart and consciousness to have God’s light shine into and through us. Let us reach out into these new areas of understanding and welcome them in.

We charge our cellphone, plug in the toaster and the hairdryer, so let us also plug in our life first. Whatever we use, let us power it up first. Live by design. Let us harness God’s power so that we ourselves shall be power-full. Once we are connected and pow­ered up, our good works are multiplied.

Look up at the sky. There stretched out is the almighty power source: Our triune God and His Universe, full of everlasting energy. This is also where the heavenly hosts are: God’s angels. We can call on all of this energy instantly. Live by conscious design, call on God’s Power regularly, throughout the day, throughout the night, and every time our eyes open. First, seek Him first, and Connect to the Light!