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Journaling enhances our conscious creating power. In order to advance our lives, let us write into the solution. First, we journal our goals, then we keep score by journaling our achievements. Whenever we have received answers to our prayers, we write them down to have a fantastic record of all we have gained. This helps us build our confidence and develops our creative muscle.

Let us use the time in the evening before we go to bed to reflect on our day and recall everything we did or people we met who brought us closer to our goals. This serves to show us that we are in control of our choices, our creations, and ow· growth. This is also a good time to be grateful for what we already accomplished.

At the same time, let us state what we wish to attract for the next day and the next week and everything that we fancy to reach our goals perfectly. Once we have written down everything we desire, let us pray over it. Journaling also helps us to focus on more details. When we consciously recognize what we receive, we consciously create more eagerly.

For example, when we start our own business or charity, we start meeting the perfect people to help us with our vision. We will attract referrals and professionals who are able to design our logo and business cards. Another contact we meet may have the ability to set up our webpage and so forth. When we focus on a location for our business, we might drive by a building that will excellently serve our vision.

As our mission becomes more and more defined, we joyfully take the time to write down what we attracted during the day and how our busi­ness and other goals are shaping up beautifully.

Make a priority of journaling. Let us write down our words to bring them into this physical dimension and give form to our creation. Read over them and edit yourself three times to make sure all words are positive and are a blessing. There is great power in the pen. Revisit the editing suggestions in Part One of our book Ask And You Shall Receive till they are a familiar habit.

Thank goodness Jesus inspired people to write things down on scrolls. Thus, we now have the Word of the Lord, “The Holy Bible”, our manual to this life’s experience. Let us take the time to write down our desires. Create a moment–make time! Declare to yourself, “I have all the time in the world to support myself.” Affirm what is important in your life each day. This process is fundamental for a successful life.

Here are some ideas on how to start:

  • Before going to bed, write what you are thankful for that day and map out your next day
  • Write five things you wish to see accomplished for the next day on a sticky note and pray over it
  • Upon arising in the morning, have Breakfast with God and go through your sticky note of five things you wish to accomplish that day
  • Whenever a new situation arises during the day, take a few minutes and ask yourself the question, “What can I welcome in to make this a 10-Star Experience?”
  • When you have a situation to ponder, take a Five-Minute Couch Time break
  • Use time in the restaurant with family and friends to ask everyone to write down their desires, between ordering food and receiving it. It also helps when we visualize and verbalize our written goals during the process.
  • When you recognize a creation, write it in the “Gains Received” section of your journal

Pass it on. Share your goals, gains, and desires to encourage yourself and others. Start journaling!