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After 30 years of studying the Power of the Quantum World, the Power of the human mind, and their combined ability to tap into collective consciousness, I knew that it was time to share on a larger scale how to utilize Divine Power.

With our light and easy Nine Step Method, everyone can call on the full, ever expanding, powerful, perfect abundance of God’s divine delivery system. As with gravity, whether we believe it exists or we lack the belief in this universal principle, it constantly works. With every thought we think we attract and with every word we speak we create. This is why every word we speak or write counts.

The human mind is a magnetic force drawing toward it everything we focus on: consciously or subconsciously, positive or negative, of good intention or the lack thereof. Every vibration that radiates out of us in the form of thought, word or deed, is a form of asking and by the Law of the Universe comes back answered. This magnetic attraction is our creation power. Let us be conscious of what we ask for in every moment.

We are creators, inviters, and attractors of all things in our lives. Every good that goes out of us comes right back, as does everything else. Let us choose to radiate what is good, kind, blessed, loving, encouraging and uplifting.

Let us connect to the Power of the Universe, organize our thoughts by writing them down, set clear intentions, ask, and be open to receive with gratitude. Coming together in a positive group of like-minded people enhances our asking and creates amazing results. Have faith in the Power of intentional asking. Ask, ask, ask—the Universe always answers.